Monday, 5 December 2011

Monday evening...


Christmas Cards

Been a while since I have been doing anything in watercolour. These are done on regular copy paper... Not perfect for water colours. Well, figured these would make nice christmas cards...

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Rain, research

Today I did (among other things) a lot fo research on what to do with 2D rain. I am still a bit uncertain about this kind of rain on top of 3D. But fact is, it may just be a lot quicker to do the rain in 2D. we have some closeups of something on the ground, and rain pouring down, which means we need some way to show the contact with the ground. My main source of inspiration on this is Howl's Moving Castle and My Neighbor Totoro.
I hope we can do camera moves along witht his as well..

DLO pose testing, Andrew

We are in some kind of crunch here at the Under the Fold project. We had to redesign our characters and remodel them for our DLO - which is currently on hold due to this.
Today I had the pleasure of testing Andrew for DLO. He is really fun to work with even at this stage, with very limited amount of controllers and no facial expressions.
Can't wait for animation to begin!